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Medellin’s Intercontinental Hotel

Hotel Intercontinental
El InterContinental Medellín es un hotel de lujo, emblemático de la ciudad de Medellín, por sus más de 40 años de historia.
Hotel Intercontinental
El InterContinental Medellín es un hotel de lujo, emblemático de la ciudad de Medellín, por sus más de 40 años de historia.

Medellin’s Intercontinental Hotel is a luxury hotel, emblematic of the city of Medellin because of its 40 years of history. Located on a strategic place and surrounded by green mountains, the hotel offers a natural and quiet environment. Its wide and generous installations make it look as a holiday resort, with a big pool, tennis fields, green zones, spa, paths with forests that allows the costumers to enjoy a relaxing dwelling on an excellent location, away from the city noises.

Medellin’s Intercontinental Hotel counts with the halls that have more people capacity above all the other hotels in the city, experienced on serving of the most exquisite banquets and the best service for their events to be fancy and professional.



Medellin’s Intercontinental Hotel is strategically placed on the top of the exclusive sector El Poblado. Just 35 minutes away from the José María Córdova International Airport and 15 minutes away from the Olaya Herrera Airport. Few minutes away you can find the well-known Lleras park and several malls for which they count with a special transport that can take you there quickly.



How to get there?

By public transportation from the airport:

From the José María Córdoba international Airport there are three types of taxi services: 1. Airport cabs (US$25 or $COP75,000); 2. Shared taxi of 4 passengers (US$7 or $COP20,000 per passenger); and 3. Airport bus (US 5 or $COP15,000 to the downtown. There you can get a regular taxicab to any place). All of this information is indicated at the airport exit.

By public transportation (Metro) from the city:

The Metro has two perpendicular lines, and complementary transportation systems of tram, cables and BRT (Metroplús) that connect with these two lines. The station closest to the intercontinental hotel is the Exposiciones Station (Metro fare, US $ 1). From there you can take a taxi to access the hotel in 10 minutes from the Exposiciones metro station (US $ 2.5).



The InterContinental Hotel is the venue of PANAM 2018. Reservations can be made from June 1, with the reservation code: PANAM 2018.

Single room: US$136

Double room: US$174

All rates are per room and per night. They include Buffet breakfast. In all cases, the reservation will be subject to availability.

The following hotels (near the InterContinental Hotel) on the list also provide PANAM 2018 participants with special rates in single and double rooms.                             

  • Hotel Morgana – Palmas Sector (Reservation upon request)
  • Hotel Plaza Granada – Palmas Sector (Reservation upon request)
  • Hotel Viaggio – Avenida del Poblado (Reservation upon request)
  • Hotel de la 70 (Reservation upon request)



Description of Medellin

Medellin, immersed in the mountains and with a spring-like climate throughout the year, is the capital of the department of Antioquia; a capital city with 2.5 million inhabitants in a metropolitan region of 10 cities with 3.5 million inhabitants, where activities related to technology, industry, education and sports are carried out in Colombia.

This city has the unique contrast of a vital metropolis of rapid and constant development on the one hand, and on the other, an exuberant and vibrant nature. Between tradition and transformation, Medellin becomes a center for large businesses under innovation and entrepreneurship schemes.

Medellin is today an example of social, cultural and urban transformation, enjoying great global recognition. The process of internationalization and opening of Medellin is a priority of the City hall, turning the city into a center of businesses and of prosperous industries, a metropolis of development, science and technology, a city of opportunities and challenges, a vibrant place in which we work daily to make dreams come true and where there is a commitment to respect life.

Source: Own elaboration from Movich Hotels and Alcaldía de Medellín (2017)